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Factory Built Is Better!

When considering building a new home, you have many choices.

There is a great option available that you may not even realize: a Custom Factory Built Home from R.E. Becker Builders, Inc! Our homes can rarely be distinguished from a common site built home, but these highly engineered homes offer many advantages in strength, energy efficiency, quality control, speed of construction and peace of  mind. R.E. Becker Builders Inc. offer customizable designs,      including Ranch, Cape Cod, and Two Story homes with crawl space or basement foundations. All of our homes are available with wide-ranging design styles, features and amenities. R.E. Becker Builders, Inc. is a leading company of this method of home construction, and can guide you through the entire building process from blue prints and interior design to the final walk through and warranty period. These are “Stick Built” homes with all wood construction built to the  Residential Building Code of Ohio.

Factory Built Homes have many     advantages over a Common Site Built home. A  home built entirely ’on site’ can take 130 to 160+ days on average to complete. Delays can occur due to weather, labor shortages, sub-contractor no-shows, missing materials, and inspections.

Since average on-site construction can take months to close-up and weather proof, much of the building materials are left exposed to the damaging elements of rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. This exposure can make a site built house susceptible to mold growth and damage. Delays with on-site construction can lead to loan extension penalties and the added costs of  maintaining an additional residence.

Most custom upgrades of Traditional Site Built homes are available in your Factory Built Becker Home. Amenities such as tiled showers, vaulted ceilings, custom gourmet kitchens, upscale lighting, and more are available to  personalize your home to fit your lifestyle. Interior spaces can be combined to create an open-living environment, or they can be reduced to create a more intimate and cozy feel to your home.

The professionals at R.E. Becker Builders can work with you to totally custom design and build your new home to create the perfect home for you and your family!

Becker Homes are composed of modular units (or boxes) built in a climate and quality controlled factory using next-generation technologies, trucked to the home site, and crane set onto the building foundation.

Becker Homes are:


· BUILT FASTER than the average site built home allowing you to move into your new home in 65-100 days after setting on average

· BUILT STRONGER  than the average site built home by using 2x6 exterior walls and TallWall OSB that is glued & nailed creating structural, shear-wall integrity

· HIGHLY ENGINEERED to utilize next generation technologies and construction processes

· ENERGY EFFICIENT High Density R-21 exterior wall insulation & air tight construction to lower utility bills

· EXTENSIVELY INSPECTED to meet or exceed both state and local building codes

· BUILT FOR THE FUTURE with more efficient use of building materials & recycled products, creating less construction waste

· BUILT INSIDE a climate controlled environment to avoid rain & snow on vulnerable building materials

· PRICED FULLY UP-FRONT limiting surprises during the construction process - One Stop Shop

· EASILY FINANCED with many local banks and lenders available. Talk to your Becker rep about lenders in your area.

Tour Unibilt's Factory & Save $500.00!
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